The Original Fit Boxing Class

Spring/ Summer Season Session 1

Fit Boxing is a 12 round non contact, fun high energy boxing routine. The class entails: basic shadow boxing techniques, defensive maneuvers and fundamental footwork drills. Our total body conditioning routine consist of: jump rope, resistance training, super AB training and more.

Class will began promptly at 10:00 am and end 11:00am PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 MINUTE EARLY for pre class instruction.

Equipment needed- Yoga mat, jump rope, resistance band.
Optional 5 lbs dumbbells, boxing gloves

Location and Dates:

$15 per class

Class 1 Germantown Life enrichment Center
5722 Green Street- 4/27/2024

Class 2 Awbury Park- Ardleigh and Haines Street- 5/25/2024

Class 3 Location TBA - 6/29/2024

Class 4 Location TBA - 7/27/2024

Class 5 Location TBA - 8/31/2024

Class 6 TBA - 9/28/2024

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